Homeowner, HOA & Condominium Policy Denials

As a property owner, you expect your policy to cover various damage losses such as hail, water, fire or wind. Unfortunately, your insurance company may make it difficult for you to obtain full compensation for your losses.

Having Insurance Is Not A Guarantee For Coverage

There are many ways that an insurance company may treat you unfairly. The written provisions of a homeowners insurance policy are often complicated, and your insurance company may elect a different interpretation of your coverage. If they don't deny your claim outright, they may make you an inadequate settlement offer or refer you to contractors who use substandard building materials and construction techniques. Your insurer may also delay your claim as a tactic designed to coerce you into accepting less than what you deserve.

Insurance Companies May Try To Strong-Arm You

To make matters worse, an insurance company may believe you lack leverage, either as individual homeowner or as a member of a homeowners association (HOA). In fact, insurance companies tend to be aggressive toward HOAs, believing them to be disorganized and ineffectual. Having an experienced insurance litigation attorney on your side evens those odds. For starters, an attorney serves as a primary, central point of contact. Our law firm insists on direct communication and accountability.

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