We Can Help With Your Roofing Claim

Although you may believe that your insurance coverage will restore your roof to its preloss condition, the insurance company may offer far less than what you need. In other cases, they may mischaracterize property damage as general "wear and tear" that is outside the scope of your coverage. Consequently, roofing damage is a significant concern for many homeowners and businesses.

Don't Settle For Substandard Roofing Materials Or Contractors

Our law firm has represented many clients involved in a roofing claim disputes. We often utilize an independent roofing specialist to analyze the roofing materials and damage pertinent to your claim. There are a variety of roof and building types, and each requires its own assessment.

An Attorney On Your Side Can Have Persuasive Impact

Don't underestimate the influence that an experienced insurance litigation attorney can offer. Even if you have received an initial denial of your roofing claim, we might attempt correspondence on your behalf, submitted with additional evidence to bolster the initial claim. A letter sent from a law firm with our distinguished court record can be highly persuasive, especially when accompanied by additional photographic and video evidence, as well as an independent repair estimate.

Contact Our Denver Law Office

Roofing claims can be highly contentious. Don't try to go up against the resources of an insurance company on your own. An experienced advocate like attorney Samuel G. Livingston will even the odds. To learn more about your legal options, contact us online or call 720-443-5876 to schedule your free initial consultation.