Combating Denied Insurance Claims For Commercial Structures

If your commercial structure has sustained foundation, structural or other damages, your business operations may be impacted. You need your insurance coverage to keep your business in the black. Unfortunately, insurance companies also understand that time is of the essence. They may delay your claim in an attempt to induce an unfair settlement. They may send an engineer to inspect the property and use the engineering report to wrongfully underpay or deny your claim.

Why You Need An Attorney For Your Commercial Property Insurance Dispute

Don't fight these tactics on your own. Our Denver insurance litigation firm has been fighting for the rights of the insured for over 25 years. We have conducted hundreds of depositions of adjusters, claims managers and insurance company executives. We also work with our own team of engineers, contractors and adjusters to conduct an independent evaluation of the damage to your business. Our work has resulted in significant verdicts and settlements for our clients, with frequent local media coverage.

We Fight For Your Comprehensive Coverage

We also fight to maximize your compensation. For Colorado commercial property owners, it is important to submit a comprehensive claim. Your coverage may include repair costs for the direct physical damage and the expenses and lost income incurred during the period of repair, which may include operating expenses, payroll, loss of rents and damaged inventory. You can trust us to obtain a comprehensive estimate and seek compensation that will get your business back on track.

Contact Our Denver Law Office

Don't let a denial of your commercial structure claim cut into your business operations. Turn to the experienced team at The Law Office of Samuel G. Livingston, P.C., for help. You may schedule your free initial consultation online or by calling 720-443-5876.