When Medical Claims Are Denied

Although any insurance denial can be frustrating, a refusal in the context of a patient's request for medical care is particularly unjust. We trust our doctors to recommend the treatments and procedures needed for our well-being. Consequently, when an insurance company denies a request as medically unnecessary, it comes across as a poor disguise for their financial incentive.

What Happens If Your Insurer Disagrees Over Medical Necessity?

With over 25 years of experience in Colorado insurance law, our law firm understands that the reasons offered for an insurance denial can be an economic pretext. Insurance claims adjusters are often not medical experts. However, it may take a medical claim denial lawsuit to convince your insurance company to act fairly.

We Know How To Work With Medical Experts

We know how to work with medical experts to demonstrate that a coverage request meets the applicable clinical, legal and regulatory requirements. We take the time to listen to our clients, getting to know their medical condition, and how the treatment at issue will help them. If a patient has already suffered harm from the delay, we will fight to hold the insurance company legally accountable for its arbitrary, unreasonable and/or capricious denial, and request damages for all injuries suffered.

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