Overview Of Coverage Denials And Insurance Litigation

Under Colorado law, you can take legal action against an insurer that breaches its duty to deal fairly with you. The claim is called a bad faith breach of an insurance contract. In addition, state lawmakers passed new legislation in 2008 that provide statutory remedies to an insured when an insurance company unreasonably delays or denies payment of benefits.

The Starting Point Is The Insurance Contract

In any insurance dispute, however, the starting point is the insurance contract itself. Our Denver-based insurance law firm has practiced in this field for over 25 years. That experience allows us to deftly review your policy and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We also stay up to date on the most recent case law in bad faith insurance litigation. If your claim has been delayed or denied, we recommend consulting with us as soon as possible. We know the games that insurance companies might play to deliberately cause stress or confusion, and we also have the reputation of standing up to such bullying tactics.

We Aren't Afraid To Aggressively Take Your Claim To Court

We also work hard to earn our clients' trust. While a big firm might accept high volume of clients simply to push them through an assembly process of prepackaged settlements, we will take the time to advise you of all your options. If it is in your best interest to proceed to court, we will get to work building a case in court for you. Although we are tough on insurance companies, we are also able to explain complex insurance laws in a clear manner to jurors.

We Offer Individualized Attention To Our Clients

Our strategy also depends on your particular type of insurance coverage. Fortunately, we offer a comprehensive insurance practice. We have litigated denials involving nearly every imaginable type of insurance claim, including homeowner, HOA, uninsured or underinsured, commercial property, auto, life, private disability, roofing and medical insurance disputes. Each case is unique, and we limit our docket to a small number of cases at any given time, usually fewer than 10, to ensure that we can provide individualized attention.

Contact Our Denver Insurance Litigation Law Firm

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