Preparing For Your First Meeting With Us

We offer a free initial consultation so to provide prospective clients with an opportunity to get to know us and how we work. This is your opportunity to learn about our experience, our proven track record, and to gain firsthand experience of the attorney-client relationship. We work hard to build rapport and trust with our clients, and we encourage them to ask questions.

Documents To Bring With You

You will get the most out of your initial meeting with us if you come prepared. Bring extra copies of any documents relevant to your case, including your insurance policy, any written denials of coverage or other correspondence from your insurance company, and any documents pertaining to your requested claim. Many clients also benefit from writing down a list of questions in advance of the meeting and bringing a means of taking notes, as we will be covering a lot of information.

We Thoroughly Investigate Your Claim

Many clients assume that any denial of coverage amounts to bad faith. However, that allegation should be advanced only via a thorough investigation. Insurance litigation typically involves complex issues of fact and law. We take the time to thoroughly review your contract and the factual context of your claim before advising you of your legal options.

We Explore Cost-Effective Solutions

We typically begin an initial meeting by providing a brief overview of our insurance litigation practice. Although we are aggressive litigators, we work hard to find the solution best suited to every client's case. That doesn't always mean preparing for a court battle. For example, we might be able to negotiate a favorable and more cost-effective solution for a client outside of court.

We Aggressively Prepare For Court

If alternative dispute resolution options are unsuccessful, we are the law firm you can trust to take your case to court. Our clients take assurance in our many significant trial verdicts and settlements involving homeowner claims, homeowners association claims, commercial insurance claims, insurance company negligence and malfeasance. Our firm has even received noteworthy media coverage after obtaining a $3 million jury verdict for a client in the matter of Peressini. Since we limit our practice to a small number of clients at any given time, you will receive individualized attention.

Contact Our Denver Law Office

We want you to make the most of your first meeting with us. To learn more about our comprehensive insurance law practice, contact us online or call 720-443-5876.