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Common examples of bad faith insurance tactics

Insurance companies do not always have their policyholders’ best interests in mind. This can come as a shock to many people, particularly when the time has come to file an insurance claim, only to have their insurance provider deny it for no apparent reason. The truth is that many insurance companies protect their own profits over the wellbeing of their policyholders.

When an insurance company denies an otherwise valid insurance claim, it is said to be acting in bad faith. Bad faith insurance tactics can sometimes be considered illegal, and are always unethical. If you have recently had an insurance claim denied, it may be an example of bad faith insurance tactics at work.

What should I do if my homeowner’s insurance claim is denied?

When you purchased homeowner's insurance, you carefully researched several insurance providers and policies. You read the documents carefully, making sure that there were no hidden “gotchas.” You selected the policy that was best for your home, trusting that it would provide adequate coverage in the event of an emergency. Now an emergency has occurred, and your insurance claim has been denied. What should you do?

Many homeowners have filed a claim with their provider only to have it denied for seemingly no good reason. No one expects it to happen to them: After all, what is the point of buying homeowner’s insurance if it won’t cover your damages? If your home insurance claim has been denied, take a look at this post to figure out your next steps.

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