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Is hail damage in Colorado inevitable?

Hailstorms are not a new phenomenon in Colorado, but their total cost continues to rise with each new summer storm. Climate researchers and insurance agencies agree the recent bout of storms are probably the new normal and won't dissipate anytime soon.

The June 19 storm affecting Denver residents and others in Northern Colorado caused more than $276 million in damages and resulted in approximately 50,000 insurance claims. Hail insurance claims range from vehicles to property to houses and have amassed more than $3 billion total in insurance losses in the state over the last 10 years.

Only Texas reports more hail damage by state each year. Colorado's most costly storm topped $2 billion in May 2017. With the onslaught of expensive, disastrous storms, do Colorado residents need to prepare for higher insurance policy rates?

At least according to Carole Walker of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, yes; policyholders will probably see increased rates due to the number and severity of hailstorms and no end in sight for that reality. With the general consensus that these storms won't dissipate anytime soon, policyholders need to prepare for potential claims due to damage from the storms.

What to do after hailstorm damage

If your home, car or other property sustains damage in a hailstorm, contact the relevant insurance provider as soon as possible and begin a claim filing. An agent should assess the damage officially, but you can take pictures of the initial damage for your own records and any potential discrepancies with the provider.

Having your own documentation of hailstorm damage means you can prepare to defend a claim if it's wrongfully denied or not reimbursed for the proper amount. Keeping this documentation and contacting an attorney skilled in insurance claims disputes gives you the best chance of fully recovering from the damage caused by a hailstorm.

Some damage may need more immediate repairs, such as damage to the roof or shattered windows in a home or car. Temporary repairs are wise in these cases, but be sure to document the damage before any repairs so there's an accurate record of the damaged site.

Dealing with hailstorm insurance claims seems like an inevitable future for many Colorado residents. Preparing yourself for how to deal with potential damages can give you a leg up in dealing with the aftermath of one of these regularly impending storms.

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