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Has your roof sprung a leak this spring?

The spring thaw could cause significant water damage to your roof. Will your insurance cover you?

How does spring endanger your roof?

Your roof could be a major concern in the spring season. What’s worse, your insurance might not cover any leaks or damage due to the general seasonal “wear and tear.” Many people do not give their roof a second thought until something goes wrong which could create even more expenses.

The following are ways your roof could suffer from water damage in the spring:

  • Burst or frozen pipes
  • Melting snow and ice dams
  • Torn or dislodged shingles from scraping snow off roofs
  • Clogged or frozen gutters tearing away from the roof
  • Wind and hail damage

If you attempt to file an insurance claim to help fix your roof, it could be denied. Roofing companies know that you will be desperate for shelter and to protect your home from the elements. They could also bet that you have not inspected your roof in some time, as it is expensive and cumbersome.

Many insurance companies end up either outright denying roofing damage claims or offer far less than you need to restore it to a safe condition. Some roofing inspectors sent by insurance companies could claim that the roof was made from substandard material and is ineligible for coverage.

To win a denied claim, you might need legal assistance to assemble sufficient evidence to counter the denial or find that the insurance company is acting in bad faith. This could include taking photos or videos, writing letters or hiring an independent roofing specialist.

If melting snow and April showers create problems for your home, and you have difficulty collecting money from your insurance, you may need to explore your legal options.

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