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How to strengthen your homeowner’s insurance claim

In a perfect world, making a claim with your homeowner’s insurance provider would be a straightforward process. An adjuster would check the damage. You would receive a check for the cost of repairing and replacing everything that was damaged.

Of course, the reality is much different. Insurance providers are in business to make money. It’d be difficult to maximize their profits if they paid all claims in full. This means it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to advocate for what they need. The following are some steps you can take to help strengthen your insurance claim.

Understand the limits of your policy coverage

Don’t waste time trying to recover compensation for items that are not covered by your insurance policy. For example, flood insurance is usually a separate policy from a standard homeowner’s insurance policy, as some Coloradans learned the hard way a few years back.

Document, document, document

The burden of proof is on you to show your losses. Extensive documentation is crucial. This can help provide you with evidence to bolster your claim if your adjuster overlooks some things.

Whenever possible, proactive measures can help should you ever have to make a future claim. Take photos of home improvement projects. This can provide you with valuable before and after evidence.

If you don’t like the initial offer, don’t accept it

You don’t have to accept your insurance company’s initial offer if you believe it’s unfair. Differences of opinion are commonplace. It’s up to you to advocate for what you need. If your insurance provider refuses to budge, you may need to seek professional advice. You should talk with someone who understands insurance law. This will help provide you with a better understanding of your available options.

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