Did Insurance Deny Your Homeowners Association Claim?

In many ways, insurance companies have homeowners and condominium associations over a barrel in cases involving large hail, wind or water damage claims. Insurers are not reluctant to use their power to minimize payouts or deny claims. As a result, a homeowners association may not receive full compensation for losses, or the insurer may deny a claim outright.

The Law Office of Samuel G. Livingston, P.C., represents homeowners associations and other insureds in cases involving coverage denials, delays in the payment of claims, denials of insurance claims and insurer or agent negligence. We are experienced advocates who work tirelessly to help our clients obtain full and complete compensation for their losses, as well as applicable punitive damages and costs.

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The founder of our firm, Samuel G. Livingston, has been representing homeowners associations, individual homeowners and commercial entities in insurance bad faith matters for more than 15 years.

Homeowners associations are particularly susceptible to having their insurance providers deny insurance claims or offer compensation that is far below the true worth of the claim. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Insurers have an incentive to minimize the compensation offered in large property damage cases.
  • The insurer may base its settlement offer on unrealistically low estimates by contractors.
  • The insurer may have an inappropriate relationship with the contractor it selects to assess damage.
  • The insurer may knowingly misrepresent replacement cost estimates or other information to deny a claim or reduce its liability.
  • Homeowners association board members are volunteers, who may not have the time or resources needed to evaluate a settlement offer or research the cost of repairs.

The Law Office of Samuel G. Livingston, P.C., will work diligently to obtain full compensation for your losses.

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